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Some facts about Heywood-Wakefield upholstery fabrics

Heywood-Wakefield upholstery fabrics are the best available in their price range. Coming from some of the best-regarded mills in Europe and the United States, over 95% of our fabrics are wovens, which means that the distinctive patterns featured are woven into the cloth, rather than simply printed on. The few printed fabrics we offer are of the highest quality and have been included because we felt a pattern was too desirable to omit.

Because Heywood-Wakefield Streamline furniture was designed in the 1940s and 1950s, we have tried to find fabrics that will echo the spirit of that period while at the same time accommodating modern tastes. Consequently, none of our fabrics is "gimmicky" or too trendy. We offer a range from the quietly elegant and understated, to the bold and highly contemporary. Whatever your taste, our fabrics will enhance your enjoyment of our carefully-made solid wood furniture.

NOTE: Some fabrics are marked "shown railroaded". This means that the pattern shown is turned 90 degrees to the way it comes off the roll. For example, a fabric with stripes that is shown with the stripes running vertically actually comes off the roll horizontally (and vice versa). So if the width of the roll is 54" (as most rolls of fabric are) one yard of this fabric will be 54" wide x 36" long, with the stripes running side-to-side (i.e., horizontally). not vertically, as shown in the picture. Of course, the fabric may be installed either way, but if you wish to install it railroaded, you will need more fabric, as the pattern will be 36" wide x 54" long.

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Terms and Conditions

Heywood-Wakefield furniture can be ordered using our fabrics or your own. When supplying your own fabric, you will send your fabric directly to our North Carolina plant. You will be advised of the address at the time of your order.

We are also pleased to sell "cut yardage" if you wish to purchase fabric but are not purchasing furniture. The following conditions apply to sales of cut yardage.

How To Order Sample Swatches

Sample swatches are sent priority mail for a charge of $7.95 plus $1.00 for EACH swatch requested. Please phone our office with your request at (305) 858-4240. Please have your mailing address and credit card information ready. If you prefer, you may mail a check for the correct amount to:

Heywood-Wakefield, 2300 SW 23rd Street, Miami FL 33145.

Ordering Requirements For Fabrics

Since the sale of upholstery fabrics is not our main business, all sales of fabrics are final and cannot be returned or exchanged, except for manufacturing defects. It is therefore strongly recommended that you request a sample of each pattern you are considering, to be sure it is what you want.

Once you have ordered and received any yardage, be sure to un-roll and inspect the entire piece before cutting into it. FABRICS FOUND TO CONTAIN MANUFACTURING DEFECTS CANNOT BE RETURNED IF THE HAVE BEEN CUT IN ANY WAY.

All fabric orders must be pre-paid at the time the order is placed. No order will be processed unless payment has been received.

If a fabric is back-ordered at the time of your order, you will be advised as to the length of the expected delay, so that you may decide whether to wait for it or to choose another fabric. Normally, this is about six weeks.

Fabric inventories change daily. Heywood-Wakefield cannot guarantee the availability of a particular fabric unless it has been paid for and reserved. Please phone for details. The minimum amount of fabric we can sell is two yards per pattern.

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