Bookcases - Retro & New Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

Our new Heywood-Wakefield bookcases and cabinets are made to the same specifications and sizes as the originals, with the exception of several new models and modifications introduced to address modern needs. When Heywood-Wakefield first introduced the Modern line of furniture, television sets were a relative rarity and VCRs, CD players and similar equipment didn't exist. So our redesigned M 395 Record Cabinet and new M 326-TV Cabinet, while faithful to the original styling, have been developed to accommodate these now-common items. Books, while not rare in the '40s and '50s, were often stored in built-in bookcases missing from many modern homes; hence we felt it would be useful to produce a taller bookcase that would take advantage of existing wall-space.

All Heywood-Wakefield bookcases and cabinets are crafted of solid Northern Yellow Birch, including the shelves, and have plywood backs that can be removed if necessary. Modern 32 mm hole-boring allows greater flexibility in shelf placement, and, as before, units can be placed together to create a custom "built-in" look. Some custom sizing is available as well.

Please open the thumbnail pictures of each individual item for a complete description including dimensions, shipping weight and pricing information.

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